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on-line for individuals

TH:INK On-line for private clients is available to all, wherever you are in the country (or away on holiday or business).  On-line is one of the most secure, confidential and convenient ways to have your mentoring, personal wellness plans or goal setting plans. Encrypted email, messenger or WhatsApp the choice is yours. It is also a way of keeping a record of your sessions.

For Business

If you are a business (large or small) that has its employees mental well-being at its core, then TH:INK can help your business be more productive by offering mental health talks, mentoring & workshops. We aim to help your business get talking about mental health so that employers & employees can help their business thrive absent of stigma. There are flexible options.


TH:INK Personalised is all about YOU- mentoring, wellness planning and goal setting plans where you feel comfortable. We can take a walk, a steady run, climb a mountain, even some indoor climbing, or TH:INK can come to you in your home (Cardiff & surrounding area) - personalised, that's exactly what it is. We find that athletes and fitness enthusiasts respond well to this type of interaction. 


TH:INK On-line for private individuals is available to all, wherever you are in the country.  Even if you live in other parts of the world, TH:INK is available to you too.  On-line is one of the most convenient ways to have your mentoring, wellness and goal setting plans. It is also one of the few methods that offers evidence tracking. TH:INK can offer:

  • Email
  • Instant messaging (Facebook messenger or WhatsApp)
  • Evidence tracking and planning

Both ways are simple and your choice depends on how you would like to have your session.  Email is perfect for you if you like to do things at your speed and security and confidentiality at the forefront of your priorities. Your email is sent on the agreed day and you are able to read this in your own time. Instant messaging is exactly that, instant. WhatsApp is encrypted so very secure.

TH:INK is for you?  Then get in touch.  


TH:INK for Business (large or small) is designed for companies that have their employees mental well-being at its core. We offer mental health talks and seminars to both employers and employees that help your business to get to grips with what mental health and mental ill-health is all about. We can do large groups for a talk that takes approximately one hour or we can do smaller more personalised discussion groups that take between 2 and 3 hours, the latter option is particularly useful for businesses that have employees who deal with vulnerable customers or are sometimes exposed to traumatic incidents such as difficult telephone conversations etc. Following on from these talks, we can also back up your business with mental health support in the form of regular emails as and when required or for example, quarterly visits to ensure your employees are safe and mentally well. 

Taking care of your employees mental health can help your business in:

  • Reducing sickness
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing positivity
  • Improving employee welfare
  • Creating a happy workforce
  • Retention
  • Investing in their future

Boost your employees passion - invest in their mental well-being

Get in touch and explore options with TH:INK today.  


TH:INK Personalised is exactly that, its one to one or small group mentoring, wellness planning and goal setting where you feel comfortable.  Choosing TH:INK Personalised gives you flexibility - whether it is a walk in one of the many green spaces that Cardiff and the surrounding areas has; in your home or where is convenient to you. We can also offer more adventurous options like walking over a mountain (individual or group) or some indoor climbing.

TH:INK loves the outdoors - being outdoors can help you to breath in an ecological space that is proven to improve mental well-being and the perfect place to practice a little bit of escapism and great for visualisation techniques.  If you choose to be part of a group, either with people that you already know or with others that are like minded, then you may find this useful to build your confidence.

We have found that this option is favoured by some athletes, endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts who love the flexibility of Personalised and are searching for that competitive psychological edge that physical training alone cannot fulfill. 

Some benefits of using the outdoors for your mental health:

  • More energy
  • Nature helps to reduce anger & sadness
  • Higher levels of positivity & optimism
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Better emotional & behavioural responses to triggers
  • Realistic goal setting

Get in touch today and start discovering and exploring what your mind stops you from acheiving and uncover your potential in a natural environment or your own personal space.

Walk& talk is one of our more popular choices.using the many green spaces that cardiff has to offer you can enjoy the numerous health benefits that natural therapy can give, both mental and physical.

TH:INK is creating a movement to stop the stigma

At TH:INK, we are continually striving to drive down the stigma associated with mental health and redefining exactly what mental health means. We ALL have mental health, and some have mental ill- health, its just like a physical ill-health and TH:INK is endeavoring to get parity with the two. We need both to be healthy as a WHOLE PERSON.

We encourage people to engage with their mental health and find their true authentic selves. Uncovering your potential and looking to your future is something that every person should have the right to enjoy. We use social media to engage with people from all over the world and we love to help wherever and whenever we can. We offer advice and support to anyone who asks and also post mind provoking quotes now and then just to get people thinking about what they can do to help themselves. 

We are immensely proud to be associated with The Goodwash Company. Goodwash sees the benefits of looking after their employees and uses TH:INK to take care of their employees whole well-being, from head to toe. We also work closely together to come up with ways to help local communities and empower people to reach out and engage. 

The GoodWash Company

GoodWash is one of TH:INK's business contracts.  GoodWash has its employees welfare at its core and we work closely together to help them maintain and improve their whole well-being so that they can reduce sickness, increase positivity, encourage goal setting and therefore productivity. 

100% of profits go to projects that improve the lives of animals and people via their foundation THE GOODWASH FOUNDATION.

TH:INK and GoodWash work collaboratively to enable people to improve their lives. The philosophy is a simple one:

Wash + Do Good