Simple & Realistic:

mental health & wellness resilience talks & seminars 

mental health & resilience workshopS


Life coaching


on-line for individuals

TH:INK On-line for private clients is available to all, wherever you are in the country (or away on holiday or business).  On-line is one of the most secure, confidential and convenient ways to have your mentoring, personal wellness plans or goal setting plans. Encrypted email, messenger or WhatsApp the choice is yours. It is also a way of keeping a record of your sessions.

For Business

If you are a business (large or small) that has its employees mental well-being at its core, then TH:INK can help your business be more productive by offering mental health talks, mentoring & workshops. We aim to help your business get talking about mental health so that employers & employees can help their business thrive absent of stigma. There are flexible options.


TH:INK Personalised is all about YOU- mentoring, wellness planning and goal setting plans where you feel comfortable. We can take a walk, a steady run, climb a mountain, even some indoor climbing, or TH:INK can come to you in your home (Cardiff & surrounding area) - personalised, that's exactly what it is. We find that athletes and fitness enthusiasts respond well to this type of interaction.