How we work with GoodWash

CEO Mandy Powell is passionate about cultivating a conscious consumer movement - inspiring people to change the way in which we buy products, in other words - a social enterprise business that applies strategies to improve human and environmental well-being. 

We work closely together to develop a strategy to help and support the employees of GoodWash so that they can maintain and increase positivity, productivity and welfare. Mandy was insistent that her workforce should have help close to hand and the reassurance that her employees whole well-being was being taken care of. 

Below is our negotiated resilience contract:

  • Provide blanket mental health awareness to employees.
  • Provide one off sessions either online or face to face.
  • Provide on-going sessions to employees who require extra support either online or face to face.
  • Provide small group sessions.
  • Provide advice and support to GoodWash management.