Q.  What kind of problems can Th:Ink help me with?

A.      Basically, absolutely anything.  Anything that is troubling you from your personal history, current problems, goal setting or an athletes psychological edge.  The list is potentially endless but if you have any questions then please get in touch.


Q. Is online better than face to face?

A.      Online is just a different way to have your session.  If you're comfortable using email, or instant messaging already, this could be ideal for you.  It has its own benefits as does face to face but it is up to you to take the plunge so to speak.  If its not for you, and if you're local to me, maybe you could try Th:ink Personalised.


Q.  How does email work?

A.      Email is your own email account.  After initial contact either by phone or email itself,  I will then initiate the first session email for you to respond to with what it is you want to discuss with Th:ink. Simple.


Q.  How does instant messaging work?

A.      As it says on the label, its instant.  After initial contact and arranging frequency and number of sessions, we arrange a time and date to initiate the instant messaging session.  Using either Messenger or WhatsApp its instantaneous and lasts for 60 minutes. 


Q.  Can I keep the messages?

A.      The messages are yours to keep but in order to comply with the confidentiality policy, you must keep the messages private until we break the contract between us and you no longer need Th:ink. 


Q.  How does Walk and Talk work in the Personalised option?

A.      Once you have made initial contact with me, and we have established that you are reasonably local to Cardiff and the surrounding area, then it is basically a face to face session but in the outdoor environment.  The session is 60 min and takes in the natural environment.  You don't have to be walking for the full 60 minutes, there are park benches to enjoy too.  what happens after this session is that I can send you an email outlining the session and any goals discussed.


Q.  How is my privacy protected?

A.      I am totally obsessed with data protection and I am bound by the Data Protection Act 1998.  Your privacy is paramount and when our contract is terminated, your emails and messages will be deleted.  o one has access to any of the data, and I do not use any internet connection that is unsecured or open to the public.  Everything is password protected.  In the outdoor environment, discretion is paramount for example, when passing someone else enjoying their outdoor space, then I will cease communications and maintain privacy at all times.  If you choose to continue talking in this situation then that is absolutely your prerogative and I will always respect your autonomy in this case. 


Q.  What about insurance?

A.      I have my own liability insurance. 


Q.  What if I miss a scheduled appointment?

A.      Missing an appointment isn't ideal and I do require 24hrs notice of cancellation.  If you cancel you wont lose your appointment.  If however you don’t cancel and don't show up either online or for walk and talk then you forfeit that appointment and lose your money.