TH:INK for Business (large or small) is designed for companies that have their employees mental well-being at its core. We offer mental health talks and seminars to both employers and employees that help your business to get to grips with what mental health and mental ill-health is all about. We can do large groups for a talk that takes approximately one hour or we can do smaller more personalised discussion groups that take between 2 and 3 hours, the latter option is particularly useful for businesses that have employees who deal with vulnerable customers or are sometimes exposed to traumatic incidents such as difficult telephone conversations etc. Following on from these talks, we can also back up your business with mental health support in the form of regular emails as and when required or for example, quarterly visits to ensure your employees are safe and mentally well. 

Taking care of your employees mental health can help your business in:

  • Reducing sickness
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing positivity
  • Improving employee welfare
  • Creating a happy workforce
  • Retention
  • Investing in their future

Boost your employees passion - invest in their mental well-being

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