Crafting for better mental health

There are few opportunities that enable us to connect with other businesses who have the same ethos and ideas as we do....

Recently, Ink joined forces with Goodwash - an ethical and social company that specialises in body wash products that are sourced from our land and sea.  Goodwash is at the forefront of producing shower products for both humans and animals that are paraben free, not tested on animals, are vegan friendly and have the soil association stamp of approval.  The aim of Goodwash is to improve the lives of animals and people through local projects and donate 100% of its profits through the Goodwash Foundation.  The theory is boggling I know, but so far Goodwash has achieved a reputation that sets it apart from its main rivals.  

So where does Ink fit in?

Ink is collaborating with Goodwash to develop crafting workshops where clients can meet other people who have similar mental health issues and craft things like soap that contain Goodwash's essential ingredients.  These ingredients can help to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.  Crafting in itself is known to be cathartic and coupled with meeting new people, helps with social anxiety.  Therefore, we have a workshop that not only helps you mentally, but also leaves you feeling relaxed, calmed and smelling lovely! 


Introducing Goodwash founder, her dogs and some Ink soap already made. 

So if you are interested in crafting some of your own lovely smelling soap, want to meet like minded people, reach out and help other people, then get in touch with Ink to find out when the next workshop is.