Communication isn't a dirty word

Suicide, yes that's right, suicide. Believe it or not suicide is something that needs to be talked about and the biggest reason why? Because by talking about it doesn't push someone who is considering suicide closer to taking their own life.  Don't suffer alone, get talking to someone.

Why has it been considered a taboo subject for so long when it was actually decriminalised in 1961? The answer to this question is hugely subjective, how it affects individuals is theirs and theirs alone to own but, the bottom line here is that suicide still has a stigmatised and judgemental numbness that is almost impossible to see past especially if you are one of the people who is or has been affected. I say almost because it is possible to find help in the form of talking therapies.  

What most people forget is that suicide is a very personal thing, it is private and anyone close to them is unaware that they may be contemplating suicide. There are however some tel tale signs:

  • Poor sleep patterns
  • No desire to take care of themselves
  • Avoiding others
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harming

Someone experiencing these may be feeling ashamed and therefore it is important that anyone who reaches out to them does so in a positive way, in other words..... 'connect with the suicide', this basically brings those hidden feelings out in the open and in that moment, you may have just saved that's persons life. Sounds dramatic I know but its proven that this works. For more information on reaching out visit  

So lets get on with stopping this stigma and get talking about it.  By talking about suicide, engaging with suicide and helping those affected by suicide will we be able to make some inroads to reducing the stigma about. so lets get talking about it people! Today I happened upon a very interesting read on twitter by @XCharlotteFoxX, her online book is called 'After Suicide' and she passionately talks about losing her father.  It is an honest and extremely readable personal account of her loss and how she dealt with it.  This is a must for anyone wanting to explore their feelings around this subject and find comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

Ink share regularly on Facebook and twitter on current topics, some more taboo than others but what we are trying to achieve is a movement to stop the stigma around mental health.  We love talking, we love people getting in touch, we love anyone who wants to join us, we love anyone who wants to drive down the stigma...... #stopthestigma

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