TH:INK is working hard to drive down the stigma associated with mental health by encouraging & enabling those affected in many different ways......

For too many years, the stigma around mental health issues has plagued the lives of those affected, that they do not feel able to voice their issues safely or confidentially.  At TH:INK we are passionate about changing this.  Changing attitudes towards mental health will inevitably lead to better social inclusion and ultimately lead to a world that accepts people for who they are.  Just because it is unseen, it does not mean that it affects us any less than a physical illness. It is time to stop this and make a change, a permanent change. 

TH:INK is a driving force behind challenging the stigma around mental health.  We use social media to connect with people from around the world; encouraging people to engage and spread the word that your mental ill-health is not a dirty word or something to be ashamed of.  By sharing your own stories, this motivates people to seek help themselves.  Its a chain reaction and we love to see testimonials go viral!  You can follow TH:INK on Twitter and Facebook to see how we drive the movement everyday.  Any questions, just get in touch.

Personal sessions at TH:INK is one of the ways in which we are trying to help people to talk about their life challenges.  We believe that by talking your issues through you will be able to take control and learn to live a better life.  A life that is positive, healthy and full of personal growth.

Own it; say it loud; say it with passion; say it hot.


My role at TH:INK is not isolated to mental health. I am also a whole time fire fighter. Within this role I am proactive in reducing stereotyping within the emergency services.

I recently gave a talk at the International Day of the Girl event at the Senedd in Cardiff (above) on gender neutral roles within the fire service. The aim of this was to inspire girls and young women to reach their potential by not being constrained by preconceptions and stereotypical assumptions of their gender. 

The event was organised by Girls Circle - who empower and elevate girls and young women to reach their potential. 

Equality, diversity, gender neutrality and empowerment are subjects that I am passionate about and I love to share my passion to anyone who is willing to listen. Get in touch and see how I may be able to help you as an individual or as a business to empower and motivate you or your employees. 

@Girlscircle @HeforShe

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Georgina Gilbert (founder)

Mental health consultant & speaker; Mentor; CHWARAE TEG MENTOR; Blue Light Mental Health Champion; gender equality ambassador & SPEAKER

A number of years of counselling at Cardiff MIND has given Georgina the experience to help people with different and sometimes complicated mental health issues. She is a mentor and a public speaker on mental health in the workplace. Georgina is passionate about changing the way we look at mental health by using innovative and creative ways to engage people with their own mental health so that they can enable others to do the same.

As the founder of TH:INK, Georgina is the driving force behind TH:INK's passion and mission of driving down the stigma associated with mental health and as a Blue Light Champion, is committed to helping those affected by trauma.

Georgina is an ambassador for gender equality and is passionate in her pursuit to promote gender neutral roles in the workplace.





With over 20 years experience of working in the field of health and well-being, Bronia brings a wealth of experience to TH:INK

Bronia is passionate about the outdoors and the physical and mental health benefits that can be reaped from spending more time experiencing our beautiful environment.

Bronia advises T:INK on all things health and well-being, from national policy and legislation, to practical delivery.